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    Why BNC?

    No Nonsense Business Philosophy

    At BNCVoice we have learned a great deal over the years due to the fact of simply servicing so many different types of businesses, their size, pain points, etc. We understand that at the end of the day all everyone wants is for the job to get done and to get done fast 100% of the time.

    Why Do We Pull Away From The Pack?

    Simply put, we do the following better...

    1 - Over Communication

    Over communication is one of the crucial elements to success in any relationship but especially a business relationship. You will always know when & what is happening at all times, period.

    2 - On Time

    Under promise and over deliver is the name of the game. If we say we will be onsite at a certain time then we will be there 15 minutes early. If we promise a project to be done within a 4 week period then we will get it done in 3.

    3 - Transparency

    Just like we said about being on time, being transparent is just as important. If we can't meet a deadline for a certain reason or are running a few minutes behind to be to your location because of unexpected traffic, we call and let you know right away and set the next expectation immediately. No if, ands, or buts...

    4 - Great Attitude

    Having a great attitude is a must in business and in life. No one wants to work with a team that treats everything as the enemy. Even in the toughest situations you can count on us to keep your spirits up and know that any issue will get resolved and get resolved fast.

    5 - Character

    It's not what is done or said while we are in front of one another. It's what happens behind the scenes. What you see in person is what you get 24/7/365. BNCVoice's entire culture is build around character.

    6 - Fair Pricing

    BNCVoice is not in the business of ripping businesses or people off. We believe in fair pricing and developing a long lasting business relationship.

    7 - Time To Resolution

    We will say this until the end, it doesn't matter how much you know 90% of the time. What matters is, can you get the issue resolved and get it resolved faster than anyone else. Through a combined 40 plus years experience, this still holds true and we have proven it year after year.

    8 - Experience

    Money can't buy experience and this is the #1 reason that makes BNCVoice stand out. With our extensive knowledge technically, service delivery, and the list goes on...the most important aspect of our experience is that we know what small to medium business owners need and where they struggle especially from a technical & support standpoint.